show studio

Show Studio is Nick Knight’s experimental fashion film portal. This invitational project asked that film makers download footage shot at a John Galliano show in Paris and their choices from the selected music, producing a final piece to their own interpretation.

reef time out

Music video shot and produced for pals Gary Stringer and Jack Bessant’s band at the time, Them Is Me. Gary and Jack are from Reef – the iconic 90’s UK skate/surf band. Reef are back touring today and are again a huge hit with live audiences. This was great fun to shoot and cut for them while they took time out from Reef – love artist collaborations!

Foyle’s Gallery – Inferno


IMG_7411Shooting the Ollystudio-curated show of photographer Kent Baker’s original behind the scenes BW images (shot on film) from Alexander McQueen’s iconic 1996 “Dante” collection at Hawksmoor’s Christ Church in Spitalfields, London.