The Ghosts of Los Angeles

Episodic content project:

The Ghosts of Los Angeles is a series of filmed monologues written by Godfrey Hamilton.

Each piece features a different actor.


It’s all about human stories.



The series explores the anxieties and predicaments of fictional ordinary

souls, (or “ghosts”), of the city.


The actors:

Featuring some notable actors including Denis O’Hare, Holly Woodlawn,

(of Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side’s opening lyric fame), and John Pearson,

the most successful male model of all time.


The project was developed as a conceptual low budget “teaser” or “pilot”

to attract development finance and explore brand collaboration and roll-out opportunties.


Watch all of the individual monologues:




The Market:


The global market is hungry for short content for consumption on

all devices and social media.


The writing for Ghosts of Los Angeles was experimental and dark, but new material

can be developed for consumption by new markets and territories.

The series can be re-­branded or re-­named for the relevant market.


Each set of episodes could feature nuanced references to that city and

geographical and cultural differences they represent via sharply

written dialogue and amazing casting. Audiences from each city

would be extremely interested to watch other human stories in other cities.



Ghosts of: Miami, New York, London, Milan, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Paris, Sydney etc.


Ghosts of: Beijing, Shaghai, Chegdu, shensen etc.



This is a compilation trailer starring Denis O’Hare, Ned Van Zandt, Holly Woodlawn, Mark Pinkosh,

Deanna Moore, John Pearson, Matthew Godbey and Jeniffer Bailey.

Music: Moby





Denis O’Hare plays Josh – childhood regrets




Holly Woodlawn plays herself – lost love.

Holly features in Lou Reed’s famous Walk on the Wild Side lyric: “Holly came from Miami FLA, hitchhiked her way across the USA ..”

She was part of Andy Warhol’s Factory entourage.




Matthew Godbey plays Angus – missed opportunity